Parents/Guardians who wish to place their child/children in the Nursery must complete the Registration Form and return it to the Nursery Manager who will then place the child/children on the Nursery waiting list until a place is available, offered and accepted.

Parents/Guardians are requested to complete an Admission Form shortly before their child/children’s start date. This will ensure that the Nursery has all relevant documents before the child’s first day at Nursery.

A contract of understanding must also be signed. The contract includes the Nursery’s policies and procedures as agreed with the C.S.S.I.W. If you have any questions regarding the contract or need help to read through it, please speak to the Nursery Manager.


The Nursery is registered to care for children aged from three months to eight years old. The Nursery staff cooperate fully with the local agencies in order to ensure that help and support is available for the child, the parents and family members should the need arise. We acknowledge that the child’s needs change and develop continually and are committed to ensuring that our provision meets and stimulates the needs of the child. The welfare of the child is paramount at all times.


The Nursery believes that ’feedback’ is essential to the development of services being provided and offer an ’open door’ policy to any parent, guardian or carer who wishes to discuss any aspect of their child’s development, progress or the service provided.


The Nursery will plan and organise a range of activities and experiences that will promote all aspects of learning and development. These will include: Physical Development Creative Development Language and Communication: English and Welsh Activities Literacy and Numeracy Knowledge and Understanding of the Environment Personal and Social Development


The manager endeavours to handle all complaints in a sensitive and confidential manner. If you are not satisfied with how your complaint is handled please contact CSSIW. Contact details are on the last page.